Living Stories (Ikota Edition)

Meet Joy, she is 12 years old but the things she has been through are way beyond normal for a 12 year old! A normal family involves a father, mother and siblings living happily under the same roof. At least that was what we were told in Social Studies class back in Elementary School. Joy did not have a normal family by our Social Studies standard… or by any standards! At the age of 6 after an argument with her father, her mother took Joy and left her father’s house in search of a happy life together. What do they say about us humans and planning again? Long story short, it didn’t come as easy as she had hoped. We know the country is hard when both parents are working hard to take care of their children, simple Math lets us know it will be harder with a single parent. Joy’s mother had to work extra hard to provide basic care for her little daughter and she soon managed to open up a little canteen where she sold food just to make ends meet. She worked so hard, setting out by 5:30am in the morning to set up shop as early as 6:30am for those that needed to buy food. She sold food at her shop till 9pm sometimes, just to ensure her child ate well, was clothed and remained in school. There is a Yoruba adage that translates to “The body wants rest” and Joy’s mother definitely wasn’t getting any. When Joy was 10, her mother collapsed while attending to some customers and unfortunately passed on. She had the dream of helping Joy realize her potential. She had a dream where her child would live a happy life and she tried her best to make the dream become a reality. After losing her mother, Joy had no choice but to return to her father, a fridge repair man who had remarried and had 3 other children. It was tough for his family to get by without Joy and her addition wasn’t going to make things easier. Joy was left with no choice but to drop out of school and it was starting to look like everything her mother had worked for was about to go to waste. She missed out on a whole year of school and it would have been more if Bethesda had not stepped in and admitted her into Secondary School. Joy has been with Bethesda for over a year now and she just got promoted to J.S.S 3. Her mother would be happy to see her given this opportunity at a better life. Our Donors, Partners and Sponsors are the ones responsible for changing our girl’s life and we couldn’t be more proud. Now take a moment to imagine if Bethesda didn’t have Donors, Partners and Sponsors who cared enough to fund Joy’s education, what would have become of her life? There are many more children, thousands like joy living in Ikota and millions in the whole country. We can do more with your support…we need your support. You can help change a child’s life today, click here to make a donation or call Ijeoma on 09067227706 to Sponsor a Child.
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