Inspiration Is A Young Girl!

Growing up, I had always heard the adults say you are too young to accomplish this or too young to do that and I believed them. Being a young girl in a poor community was hard. Our opinions were the least valid and many times we hear of husbands kicking their wives out because they didn’t bear them a son. Even though I am currently in school, I had felt a bit inferior, like my life wasn’t worth as much as that of boy and I had always believed it until I met Zuriel Oduwole. She is only 3 years older than I am but she has accomplished way more – directed and produced her first movie when she was my age. Why didn’t her parents tell her she was too young? Why did they support her dreams? Wasn’t she just a girl? These questions bugged my heart as I watched a short video showing all the Presidents she had met. What could a young girl like me have to say that was important? Weren’t female children of little or no value? “I want to talk to you all about sustaining a girl education driver” she started so full of confidence and strength that the adults in the room sat up in their seats and paid rapt attention. It was clear she commanded respect! We were all girls in the audience and our mothers had been told to accompany us. Zuriel continued by telling them that we (female children) have always been cast aside in favor of the male children especially in scenarios of where there was little money to send children to school. She explained that this was a wrong mind-set and that no gender should have to give up opportunities for the other. She then made a striking statement – “Girls can accomplish just as much as boys and they deserve just as much support”. My mother was awestruck and I could see that she appreciated the girl – Zuriel which was why it didn’t surprise me later in the evening, when she told me she wanted to support me with everything she had, so that I too could one day inspire other girls to achieve their dreams. I don’t want to be like Zuriel exactly but she has inspired me in a way no one has. She made me understand that I do not have to wait till I am 30 years old in order to accomplish my dreams. I am just as important as a male child and I can do anything I put my mind to. A young girl like me was the inspiration I needed! Blessing Benjamin (12 years) J.S.S 1, Bethesda Junior Secondary School, IKota, Lagos-Nigeria.
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