A Life On Pause

I had a plan to become the first female president of Nigeria. It was simple – always be the top of my class, then study law at the university. It seemed a simple plan that depended all on me, and how much I wanted to achieve my goals. So I thought. Every single thing in my life suddenly changed when I lost both of my parents in a car crash at the age of 14. I knew of no surviving relative and no one tried to find or claim me. I was all alone. The landlord didn’t disturb me for some months during which I still attended school and pawned off some valuable items from the house to pay my fees. Television, refrigerator, generator were all sacrificed to help with paying my fees and feeding me. One day, I realized there wasn’t anything to sell anymore, so I started looking for a small job I could do to make a little money. There was no such luck until the landlord came calling for rent and evicted me from his premises. I was on the street for a while and I usually sat in front of a small restaurant waiting for scraps from plates of people who pitied me. One evening as she was about to close, the owner of the restaurant noticed me lying down in front of her shop. One of her girls had been caught stealing her money earlier that day and she needed a replacement. She would give me somewhere to stay and pay me N3, 000 monthly. I knew it wasn’t much, but at that time, it seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime. I was so excited at the opportunity, I got to sleep under a roof although on the hard floor. It was the most comfortable I had been in months. For first two months I was fine, and thought I was lucky until I saw a group of girls talking excitedly and giggling as they walked past the restaurant on their way to school. It was then I realized my dream was slipping away. I don’t want to let go of my dreams, and I am fired up more than ever, to achieve them … if only I can find a way back to school! There are millions of children who have had to put their dreams on hold due to various reasons like losing their parents and the consequent poverty. It is up to us to put them back on track by donating towards their education. Please visit http://bethesdaagency.org/sponsorship/ to sign up to sponsor a child today!
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