Changing A Life Saves Nine!

  A lot of times we wonder whether we are really making a difference, impacting a life or changing the future. Tosin looks back on her life and thinks of how she could have ended up on a different path. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and is about to start her Masters. She is 26 years old now and is a respected biologist. However, her life could have taken a completely different route. At the age of six she had never been in a classroom and it seemed she would never be. She joined her mother every morning as she went around an estate in Lekki cleaning the homes of “wealthy people”. Her future was set – she was to become a cleaning lady like her mum. One day, while cleaning with her mum she picked up a book and tried to read but she couldn’t make any sense of the words. The owner of the house couldn’t help but notice and after talking to her mother, it was agreed that Tosin would begin school. Tosin was very excited about the prospects of school and when she noticed she was older and taller than everyone in her class, it motivated her to be the best. At first her mates made fun of her because she was older but they soon began to respect her for academic prowess.  Aunty Kemi, as Tosin always called her (her mothers’ boss) was encouraged by how well Tosin did in school and decided to sponsor her through University. She carried her work ethic to University and it was not long before she found herself graduating top of her class with a 4.8 CGPA. Tosin landed a job with a top pharmaceutical company after graduating from the University and it helped change not only her life, but of those of her immediate and extended family. She has helped set up a cleaning company for her mother and has helped many of her cousins pay the school fees for their children. Aunty Kemi might have started out to only help Tosin but through Tosin she has changed many more lives. This is what we hope to accomplish at Bethesda impacting many lives by changing ONE. We cannot do this without your support! To join us and help change a child’s life, please visit —- and sign up to sponsor a child.
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