Drug Abuse, Cultism And The Nimbe Movie.

  Ever since I can remember, watching movies has always been my favorite pastime. It had been my dream to visit a cinema one day to watch a movie on the big screen. My dream came true when I and my school mates were given free tickets to the Genesis Cinema in Lekki to watch a movie titled Nimbe. The Genesis Cinemas at The Palms, Lekki was everything I imagined and even more. There were posters of various movies lined up against the walls and many television screens all around showing short versions of movies (I guess the most interesting parts).  If the trip had ended at the lobby, it would have still been an amazing one. The movie Nimbe was everything a good movie should be. I was captivated right from the beginning to the end. It made me laugh a lot of times but mostly it made me think! I thought about the way I treated my classmates, drug abuse, education and my future. After the movie I kept thinking about the boys I usually see in uncompleted buildings in my neighborhood, laughing and smoking. The lure and appeal of drugs and the seeming power it gave the users would have drawn me into their fold but for the fact that I hate the smell of smoke. After seeing the story of Nimbe I was convinced beyond doubts that there is no good that could come out of drug abuse. Nimbe’s story could have been different if he had stayed in school and stayed away from cult-related activities. His story made me all the more grateful to Bethesda. Without them I would have been out of school and the idleness might have pushed me into a path of drugs, thuggery and cultism like Nimbe. On the 10th of April, Vidas Ninos donated 70 Nimbe Movie tickets to Bethesda Secondary School, Ikota students. The story of a young boy who was lured to the world of cultism and drug abuse and eventually dropped out of school only to end up with a life imprisonment sentence served as a good moral lesson to our students. Bethesda Child Support Agency is a non-profit organization who provides free quality education to disadvantaged children. In 18 years of existence we have helped over 5,000 children like Nimbe stay on the path to achieve their dreams. To support or sponsor a child, please call Chioma on 08137648689.
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