We Can #EndMalariaForGood!

    According to the World Health Organization, Malaria accounts for 12.5% of deaths in children under the age of 5. Of all the dangerous diseases and infections we have heard of Malaria is second in the list for most deaths in children under the age of 5. For most of us malaria seems a very trivial illness, an inconvenience but one we can easily solve. Many people living in Nigeria are not that fortunate. Bethesda Child Support Agency has 3 schools located in slums. One of them in particular located in Ikota community, Lekki-Epe Express way, is filled with shabbily built wooden homes in the middle of a giant puddle of murky waters. Most of our children in the Bethesda School, Ikota live here and have missed out on academic activities for days, sometimes even weeks due to malaria and there are cases of some of them losing younger siblings to a malaria infection. World Malaria Day is on April 25, 2019 and the theme for this year is – End Malaria for Good. Bethesda has decided to join the fight against malaria by launching NetProfit – a targeted intervention to create awareness about the menace of mosquito infestation in slum neighbourhoods and effective preventive and care measures. This intervention is an offshoot of the Bethesda Health24 Program, a community health outreach initiative.    The idea behind NetProfit is inspired by the popular saying prevention is better than cure.  By giving out Insecticide Treated Bed Nets, we save the beneficiaries the pain of enduring a malaria infection and its financial implications (Profit). To ensure the success of NetProfit we have adopted a 3-step approach:
  • Awareness: We will be creating awareness by informing the community members about the dangers of living in a dirty environment and how it encourages mosquito breeding. We will also make them aware of the importance of seeking expert medical advice in the event of a malaria infection instead of self-diagnosis and medication.
  • Malaria Prophylaxis: We will educate them about the existence of Malaria Prophylaxis and medical doctors present will administer prophylactic drugs to those who need them.
  • Insecticide Treated Bed Nets (ITBN): We will be giving out 500 Insecticide Treated bed Nets (ITBN) to pregnant women and children to help prevent malaria infection.
How you can help:
  • Sign up as a volunteer (medical and non-medical personnel)
  • Donate Insecticide Treated Bed Nets (ITBN)
  • Donate Malaria Prophylactics 
  • Cash donations
To donate Insecticide Treated Bed Nets (ITBN), Malaria Prophylaxis Medicine or sign-up as a volunteer, please call Ijeoma on 08033536487.  Please make cash donations to 0008808375 – GTBank – Bethesda Child Support Agency.    
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