“My Bethesda Experience” – Omoovie

  Hello everyone my name is Omoovie. I am 14 years old and currently interning with my brother – Koryn at Bethesda Child Support Agency. Bethesda is an organization that gives children a chance through education. It is a life-changing opportunity for less-privileged children. It has been fun to talk with the children about how Bethesda has been able to benefit them and their families. The school has such a friendly aura around it and you can easily see how much the children love their school. While visiting the Bethesda School at Ikota, I spoke to one of the students. She said “The fact that I am getting an education will help me to achieve a lot in life and give me an opportunity to change the world, the people around me and my family”. I am really pleased to be part of the Bethesda family and hope that I can someday be an agent of change and impact lives the way Bethesda does!
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