I Have New School Shoes!

About 2 years ago, I roamed the streets of Ikota everyday trying to sell groundnuts. Every morning I would get up as early as 6am and creep out of our room (so as not to wake anyone up) and begin to prepare for the day. Like most children, I would brush my teeth and take a shower but instead of school uniforms – I would put on my rugged jeans and faded t-shirt, instead of a school bag with books – I would pick up a tray laden with groundnuts. I had no school shoes or any pair shoes for that matter, so I would wear a pair of worn out rubber slippers. As the day grew brighter, I would see children my age laughing with bags on their backs, clean white socks and well ironed uniforms, occasionally I saw one or two children who could be less bothered about personal hygiene but still happily strutting their way to school. Sometimes on my journey hawking groundnuts, I would find myself in front of various schools during break time. After selling to the children, I would sit and picture myself in a school uniform attending classes like I once did before I lost my parents. In August, 2017, my foster parents took me to a school in Ikota – Bethesda Child Support Agency, for a profiling exercise which involved interviewing and vetting disadvantaged children for free quality education. I was accepted by Bethesda and a sponsor picked me up. I still wake up by 6am but now I wear a school uniform and carry a school bag plus I have really nice school shoes.   Favour Richards is a very bright young girl. We were surprised by her intellect when she was profiled, given she had been out of school for a couple of years. In her 2 years with Bethesda, she has continued to improve academically as well as other areas. Favour was fortunate to get a sponsor but for some of the students, this is not the case. Out of 800 children currently receiving free quality education from Bethesda, 500 of them are without sponsors and are at risk of dropping out of school. This is why we started the Lend a helping Hand campaign in a bid to raise enough funds to keep these children in school for another term. It takes only N500 to keep a child in school for a day and N30,000 a term. Please lend us a helping hand and help secure the future for disadvantaged children like Favour.
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