Why We Need Role Models!

Catering to the needs of less-privileged children is not an easy task. Due to the environments most of these children grow-up in, they have developed a behaviour of always seeking to “get one over” recognised authority. The general behaviour of these children has painted a poor preconception of disadvantaged children. It is true these children can be crooked and most of them have this mind-set of taking the easy way out but the real problem is not these children but the lack of role models. Orphans and disadvantaged children mostly live in slums or areas where good role models are lacking and because children are impressionable, they easily latch on to characters they regularly come into contact with. In the slum areas of Lagos state, you tend to find a collection of area boys, drug addicts, fraudsters and many people of poor character. The few who are morally upright are often ridiculed and looked at as unintelligent or having made poor life choices. At Bethesda we meet a lot of children who are aching for direction and support. Children that believe they are destined for more than the slums have to offer but have no one to put them on the right path. These children need our help and our support which is why we provide mentoring from seasoned professionals and industry leaders for our children in a bid to improve their outlook on life and encourage them to dream beyond the harsh realities of the slum.   We will like to invite you to sign-up for our Project BE! Program where resource persons visit our schools to spend the day with and mentor our children. You can sign-up by calling 08137648689.
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